Thursday, 26 April 2012

Triomphe d'Alsace, 2011 vintage, bottled today

From this: Grape bunch 3 Sept. 2011
Having picked and fermented my grapes (T. d'Alsace and Brant) on 4 Sept 2011, fermented and racked the juice in January 2012  and left the last demijohn with 100% T.d'Alsace in peace and quiet until today to ensure completion of a potential malolactic fermentation process, I was excited to see if it would prove any better than the 50-50 Brant/T.d'Alsace mix that I bottled in March 2012.
It does.
To the result: Triomphe d'Alsace, bottled 26 April 2012

There's nothing of the aggressive and slightly "brown" taste introduced by the Brant grape.

T.d'Alsace is clean, fruity and pleasant.
The colour is a deep ruby red, almost port colour with a slightly violet tone, which is no wonder, considering the grape's character as a "teinturier", and of course being very young.
The glycerine curtain draws a track down the side of the glass and the taste is one of fresh, young, well behaved plonk - - -  oops - did I say that?
OK - it is not a Mouton Rotschild nor a Corton - it is a Triomphe d'Alsace, but it carries its name with pride.

My problem now is whether I should leave it to rest in the bottles (a miserly 6 + 3 glasses for today!) or just enjoy the 5 and keep one for later (a number of years perhaps, as suggested by my friend and wine specialist Evy Halling).

That problem will be resolved when 3 or 4 bottles have gone the way wine usually goes: let temptation, decision making and discipline commence the battle in a couple of weeks!

But I am now, in my own mind, a fulfilled and content wine maker.
Wolf Blass, eat humble pie.
As Spielberg said: I made this!!!

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