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EU, the Spinelli Group and a Federal disaster suggestion

A Fundamental (F)Law

The Spinelli Group of the EU has just given birth to their proposed European Constitution, a revised Lisbon Treaty, of the future.
It is dire reading.

On the surface it looks thorough and with due consideration to the obvious – and admitted – flaws of the present system. They even admit to the mess the rest of us have been able to see for a long time.
But when you dive into the details it is nothing less than a horror story!

First of all: Who are these guys?

The Spinelli Group was formed in 2010 with the purpose of actively promoting European federalism and ultimately pushing the already existing attempts to eliminate the national state.

Well known members are Jacques Delors, Mario Monti, Joschka Fischer, Guy Verhofstadt, Daniel Cohn Bendit, Andrew Duff and Isabelle Durant and 100 more – all names that I am sure history will judge NOT as post-war peace makers, but as people who destroyed the uniqueness, competitiveness and strength of loosely united countries, that should have learnt from past wars and mistakes and realised that cooperation under diversity was a strength to cherish.

But here's news for you, guys: Centralisation doesn’t work!

We now have a monster of un-democracy, bribery of everything from states, companies and charities to NGOs and individual Consultants. Unbelievable waste of astronomically large funds is a daily occurrence and self-service and sufficiency is a standard that makes the officers of the EU monstrosity and their supporters rich beyond reason.
EU has become an organisation that mixes itself in a dangerous and uncontrolled way into the world’s politics, disregarding member states’ laws and sending money to terrorist organisations like Hamas while consistently blaming Israel for everything.

The failure of the Euro proves beyond doubt, that the founders had no idea about economics while pushing a political dreamscape down peoples’ throat. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are the external proof of this statement. Internally the costs to maintain the illusion continue to rise while everyone involved stuff their own pockets to the cost of taxpayers in the 28 participating states, in the UK £55 mill/day – except Greece, where no one pays tax.

Baroness Ashton, the EU “Foreign Secretary” maintains a budget of 500 mill Euro/year – for what? What is there to show for it?
And how about the 900 Bill Euro/year that floats around the Brussels labyrinth without proper accounting and audit?

So the Spinelli Group of MEPs has ostensibly set out to remedy some of the negative issues in the EU construction, at the same time as they are making an attempt to bring the derailed train back on the federal track through a new draft treaty of the European Union, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung.

A Fundamental Law of the European Union, as it is called, is offered as a major contribution to the debate on the future of Europe.
So far so good – but then one reads on - - - - -

The group admits that there is an economic crisis – well, none of the founding fathers had any idea about economics, so what to expect?

They also admit that there’s insufficient governance to deliver the EU objectives – let alone leadership. (Is that one in the eye for Baroso, Schultz and this guy, whom Nigel Farage calls a “wet cloth” – whazz’is name? Oh, Van Rompuy! Yes, again: who’s he?)

The Spinelli Group admits that the public opinion is hostile (how about asking why?) and they believe this is a barrier for the (stupid) national states to ignore their (stupid) citizens, as they refrain from explaining the golden future of joining a centralised colossus while releasing them from any form of autonomy.
EU knows best.

Wasn’t that the approach of Lenin and Stalin?
If just people understood that the government knew best and people only needed to be better informed in order to grasp the centralised happiness?

Perhaps that’s why the EU has assigned 35 mill Euro to the information campaign before the next EU Parliamentary election?

Read this again, please, and let it sink in!

Let’s see what the Spinelli Group has to say!

“The European Union needs to assert itself. The European challenges can only be met in a European way.”
How about asserting itself through doing ‘a good job’? As a minimum with an agreed ROI, to common benefit, with an audited budget, with less waste and corruption – etc.
And what on earth is a European Way?

The Greek way? The German, French, Irish, Swedish way – or a mish-mash average? Or, as I suspect, the way decided unilaterally by the Spinelli Group. Or by Van Rompuy?

This seems to me to be a further departure from democracy – and this, in my opinion, is exactly what it is about: Total centralisation.
I think we have just seen what that means during 70 years central governance in the Soviet Union.
It didn’t work.

Again, history shows it: Centralisation in general just doesn’t work.

The following pearl is equally bland:

“People grumble about the EU’s democratic deficit, when what it really suffers from is a deficit of government”.Who says we want this government at all?

The Commissioners, the Council and most of the EU Parliament seem to have no idea what is going on beyond the tip of their noses, committing hubris about own importance and looking only at what they want and do themselves, not being concerned about what a growing majority of citizens say. Look at the election participation as a measure: it has gone from 62% in 1979 to 43% in 2009. The election in 2014 may become a tell tale, although a higher turnout is possible, if people understand that enough is enough: we don’t want this any more – and the ballot box is the way, both the European one and the National one (while we have it!!)

But the nightmare really begins, when we read the Headline Proposals.
Here is a selection of the 25 that are mentioned:

Headline Proposals:
2. The Constitutions of the EU states must respect EU values.
What this really says is, that the national states’ values and constitutions shall become null and void as the centralised EU Federation develops its own constitution and laws.

3. The [EU] Comission becomes the EU Government answerable to the legislation of the [EU]Council and the [EU]Parliament.It cannot be said more clearly: The National state, its parliaments and legislators will become obsolete and be eliminated. Point 4 following, as an attempt to express the harsh reality in a milder form, does say: Limited right of legislative initiative – but it takes only the removal of one word, limited, or to re-define it, to explode the meaning of this point.

10. Widen the Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice.This is an entry to all laws becoming generated and determined by the EU Federal State and not the National State.

12. Ending rigid unanimity for future treaty change and entry into force.In other words: whatever the electorate votes, the EU will decide the outcome. We saw that in Holland, France, and Ireland when they voted no the Lisbon treaty. The message was: vote again and now vote yes. Or the threat to impeach Vaclav Havel, if he didn’t sign up.

13. Ending opt-outs in justice and home affairs.Several countries have special arrangements, e.g. Denmark. This must stop, according to the Spinelli Group – everyone must live under the same hat and the EU will take responsibility for all home affairs laws. (I read this 4-5 times, shook my head and thought: Have they become mad? Home affairs directed from Brussels?)

15. EU tax revenue to fund EU spending.So now there must be a special tax, payable by all member state citizens, to the EU circus? Who will audit? Who will budget? How will it be distributed? (Greece/Ireland vs Germany?)

19. New powers for the European Parliament in Economic and employment policies.How much new power? This is the gateway to complete national secession of decision making. Unbelievable.

The Spinelli Group does admit, that “national policies have been coordinated by a bossy European Council in an ever tighter technocratic manner (sure - see how EU installed technocratic managers in Greece and Italy over the head of the populations!) leading to over-centralisation and lack of democratic legitimacy”.But hold on – isn’t that exactly what they are now proposing to do in an even more concentrated, centralised and disempowering fashion?

I believe it is time to stand up and say NO, NO and again NO.

In England there only seems to be one way: Vote UKIP.

The Tories are too weak, indecisive and waffling – and Cameron is unlikely to form a majority government next time. His promise of a Yes-No referendum is therefore void.

Labour has shown their incompetence and inability through 13 years of mismanagement by first the war criminal Blair and later the bully Brown, bankrupting the country (forget about the present leadership!)

The Lib Dems are a joke.

Denmark may still have a chance if they vote for Dansk Folkeparti (the People’s Party) getting rid of the social democratic disaster.

Sweden seems lost in political correctness and an immigration quota that will take them from 9 to 40 mill people in 30 years, going from one of the richest to one of the poorest countries in Europe – and a muslim one to boot.

Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein are safe as non-paying, all enjoying associates and the Faroe Islands may go the same way.

This surely must be the model for England and Denmark. That way the UK can begin to trade itself back to prosperity, forgetting about EU demands, tariffs and ridiculous remote legislation.

The next 2 years will be very exciting: elections in 2014 to the EU Parliament, secession elections in Scotland and country elections in 2015 in the UK and Denmark.

Remember: If we fail to put things right now, it will be too late.

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