Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Freedom of Speech, Islam, IRA, terrorism - more miserable Human Condition

A recent letter from the Metropolitan police stated – amongst other information – the following warning against terrorism:

"We at the Metropolitan Police Service have a key role in countering this threat, whether it is from al Qaida inspired groups or individuals, or Irish dissident republican groups - but we can only do this with the support of all our communities.
Terrorists live among us. We want you to tell us about anyone or anything you see which is out of place in your normal day to day lives.
We know you may have concerns about speaking to the police, possibly because your friends or family may find out. But you may well have information which could save lives."

Now I have 4 questions:

1) Why – oh why – should anyone be afraid of talking to the police?

2) Why would it be a problem if your friends or family found out?

3) Why do we have legislation that makes it punishable by law to report a radical Imam preaching death and destruction on Jews, gays, infidels, converts from Islam and people who talk negatively of Islam and Sharia - - and at the same time asking people to call the police about situations concerning those threats?

4) Who allowed our society to develop thus?

In a recent discussion between Richard Dawkins and a muslim cleric, Dawkins asks: "What is the punishment for apostasy?"
The answer is clear: "If in an islamic country: death"!!!!
Let's take the logic a step further.
The goal of the muslims is to establish the Khalifat - world wide supremacy of islam.
So what if England, or Holland, or any other European country becomes muslim?
How does the apostasy punishment rhyme with democracy, free speech and the western well established right to decide over one's own life?
I think the answer is clear - but do I now have to report the cleric to the police for threatening me sometime in the future?

I do not always agree with e.g.
- Christopher Hitchens (UK, US) and his blind spot for Marxism while fighting fundamentalism
- Geert Wilders (NL) and his ultra right stances, while also opening peoples' eyes for the Sharia danger
- Lars Hedegaard, a Danish socialist at the forefront of the free speech movement,

but I have great admiration for them as people, who stand up for free speech, exposing themselves to danger from increasingly violent intolerance brought forward by confused left wingers and fundamentalist religious quarters in a time, that should have been our “time of enlightenment and knowledge”.

Luckily there are a few other courageous people bringing mental health to the planet, e.g.

- Douglas Murray, Director of a UK think-tank, who has “inherited” Hitchens’ intellect,
- Firooseh Afsanjani, a Danish ex-muslim female artist challenging fundamental islam,
- Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an incredibly strong and vocally critical ex-muslim woman and,
- Richard Dawkins and Salman Rushdie, none of whom need an introduction.

Perhaps there’s still hope that the tide will turn?


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