Sunday, 1 May 2011

Black Magic or faith?

News about The Most revered of our Medicine Men, Shaman Jubla Publa, who passed away in 2005.

NACITAV News 30/4-2011 via Jungle drums.

At least 16 tribal heads and 87 official delegations from around the jungle will attend the tribal adulation, the last step before Jubla Publa's elevation to Ancestral Super Spirit.

The Shaman Council has deemed that the otherwise inexplicable cure of a hunter, Malabula Hula Bula, who was suffering from an otherwise fatally infected wound, was due to Jubla Publa's intercession with our ancestors to perform a miracle, thus permitting the adulation to go ahead.

Another miracle will have to be attributed to Jubla Publa's intercession after the adulation in order for him to be declared an Ancestral Super Spirit. Adulation-related activities begin Saturday night in the tribe's sports area, the sprawling jungle clearing used for hundreds of years by our peoples.
An all-night fire dance will be held in the clearing, during which Nunga, Diska and Mumbula, Jubla Publa's long time assistants, will describe their experiences with him.

Jubla Publa's adulation has set a new speed record in recent times, taking place only six years and one month after his death on April 2, 2005.
While the overwhelming number of people in our tribe welcome it, a minority is opposed, with some saying it happened too fast.
Liberals in the shamanery say Jubla Publa was too harsh with dissenters of our ancestral faith, who wanted to help the poor, particularly outside the jungle in christian infected areas. Some also say Jubla Publa should be held ultimately responsible for the many sexual abuse scandals that took place in our villages when he was in charge.
Ultra-conservatives say he was too open towards other faiths and that he allowed our raindance to be "infected" by local cultures, such as Christian liturgies, on his trips abroad.

Jubla Publa has been dug up from his grave and placed in front of the large totem pole, amongst the urns with other revered ancestors, for all to come and dance around and kiss as long as they wish. After this we will bury him in the Most Revered Cave up the central hill. His magic wand will be sent to the temple of his birth village.


Would we have laughed about the tribe's black magic and sent missionairies out to 'save' them, if the above had been the real text?
I presume you are not in doubt who Jubla Publa is?

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