Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hulst roofscape 1976

Jorgen Faxholm: Hulst, roofs of modern dwellings
contrasting with the medieval Begijnhoof
and poplar trees on the old city rampart.
HULST, The Netherlands.
Oil on board, painted 2010 after a photo taken 1976.
For the art-critic(al) person:
The painting is divided in 3 horizontal layers:
1. Roofs, 2.Medieval building backed by trees and 3. Sky.
There are 2 clear diagonals going through the painting: from the white window in the gable to the right, via the small white structure on a roof to the main tower of the Begijnhof, leading the observer's eye to move back and forth from SE to NW. Next, the roof tiles on the foreground house attracts attention, leading the eye over the chimneys to the little white tower - and finally resting on the horizontal band of poplars.

Contrasting colours (ochre/umber of the bricks and roofs vs the green trees; and the yellow of the tower vs the blue sky).
The slightly muddled blue of the sky reflects a late summer's day with a colour toned down by the
industrial output found along the coast from Antwerp to Calais.

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