Thursday, 6 August 2009

OZ3CF 1961 - - How time flies!

That was the year that was!!
I was 18.

It was when VS9 was Aden and Oman.
When South and North Rhodesia existed.
And when I had contact with Yuri Gagarin: 17/4 1961, a week after his famous space flight and before his autographs became automated (so mine is the real one).

Not to speak of my QSOs with the famous Ernst Krenkel of M/S Chelyuskin fame and polar expeditions.

An 11 tube home-brew super-heterodyne RX, a 100W double 6146 driven by a Geloso VFO and a 40m long wire antenna + stacks of TVI - - - -

and this is what it looked like in 1963

And then raising a 3-el Yagi on a summer house in 1999.

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